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About R&M Security Solutions

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    Our Vision

To provide everyone with an affordable security solution, With a personalized touch.

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    Our Mission

To provide you with protection & peace of mind, for your loved ones & assets.


Meet Ryan Reynolds, a man with a passion for all things security. While he may share a name with a famous Hollywood actor, his true talents lie in the world of home and business protection.

Whether it’s through designing top-of-the-line alarm systems, creating sophisticated camera setups, or developing advanced access control methods, Ryan is always striving to keep people safe and secure.

Security is not just a career for Ryan – it’s also a personal passion. In his free time, you can often find him on the baseball field, where he puts his quick reflexes and tactical thinking to the test. When he’s not playing sports, Ryan enjoys taking camping trips to the great outdoors, where he can experience the beauty and majesty of nature.

Even when he’s away from the office, Ryan’s mind is always working on ways to improve security. He’s always tinkering with his own home security system, testing out new gadgets and techniques to stay ahead of the curve. And when he’s not working on his own setup, he’s researching and learning about the latest advancements in the industry. With five years of experience under his belt, Ryan has already established himself as a leader in the security world. But he’s not content to rest on his laurels – he’s always pushing himself to be better, to do more, and to help more people stay safe and secure.

Whether he’s designing systems for businesses, homes, or even outdoor adventures, Ryan is dedicated to his craft and always looking for ways to make the world a safer place.



Meet Patrick Macdougall, a man with two passions – security and the great outdoors.

With over 15 years of experience in the security industry, Patrick is an expert in cameras, access control, intrusion systems and networking. His love for adventure and exploration inspired him to found the Quinte Outdoor Adventure group.

As a young boy, Patrick spent his summers camping and fishing with his family in the forests of Canada. These experiences taught him the importance of being prepared and vigilant in the wilderness. As he grew older, his fascination with technology and his desire to make the world a safer place led him to pursue a career in security.

Patrick is known for his ability to design and implement effective security systems that meet the specific needs of his clients. His knowledge of the latest technologies and his commitment to quality have earned him a loyal customer base.

Even as he continues to innovate and advance in the security field, Patrick remains connected to his roots in the outdoors. He believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the beauty and excitement of nature, and that a strong sense of security is crucial to truly enjoying those experiences.

As the founder of Quinte Outdoor Adventure Group, Patrick is working to bring people together and help them explore the wilderness safely. Through the group, he has organized hiking, camping, and kayaking trips for adventurers of all ages and skill levels. By sharing his passion for the outdoors and his expertise in security, Patrick hopes to inspire others to explore and enjoy the world around them.